Rent to Own for Tenants & Investors


Want to buy a home, but either don’t have enough downpayment saved up yet and/or have a credit issue that’s stopping you from getting a mortgage?

Buy a home through our Rent-to-Own program.

If you’re a good tenant and you qualify under our criteria, our investors buy the home of your choice for you, and they take care of the financing.  Move in now, and we get you on a plan that gives you the option – but not the obligation – to buy the house at the end of your rental period (typically 2-4 years).

You’ll need to have a partial downpayment saved up already, be able to afford regular monthly rent payments plus set aside at least a few hundred dollars a month on top of that, depending on the home you choose and the duration of your Rent-to-Own agreement.  The details and amounts can be adjusted to suit your needs and your budget.

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Rent-to-Own is a scenario in which you purchase an investment property to rent to pre-screened/pre-qualified tenants, and give them upfront the option to purchase that property from you typically within about 2-4 years.  You help good tenants get into their home faster, and earn a great return on your investment while we manage the entire process for you from start to finish.

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